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ESCAPADES > Tagaytay / Taal

            Tagaytay city is everyone's fantasy just an hour's drive away from the metro. Images are 
brought to life in Tagaytay: the riot of color in the sky with every sunrise and sunset. The green foliage of the mountains contrasted by the yellows, violets, and fuschias of wildflowers. The wide stretch of sky unhampered with smog. Taal Lake's shimmering, blue-green surface disturbed by quiant bancas (outrigger boats). Taal volcano's playful game of hide and seek in the mists. But the feel of the breeze's cold fingertips grazing one's nose and cheeks arousing goosebumps on one's arms was something one's fantasy missed. That and the serenity that seems to surround the city which is the south's most famous secret.

Taal Volcano
The Gentility of Taal is such a dimunutive town possess such a huge and magnificent basilica, and the monolithic structure that dominates the elevated plaza overlooking Taal. The Basilica Minore of San Martin de Tours is said to be the biggest in the Orient. Taal is a small provincial Filipino town. Apart from its basilica, Taal possesses some of the most elegant Philippine ancestral of the Pansipit River on Balayan bay, a hundred kilometers south of Manila. Frequent Moro pirate raids saw the entire metropolis move inland to the shores of Lake Taal.

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