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ESCAPADES > Ancient Pompeii

            On August 23, 79 AD, Pompeii looked like any other busy, prosperous city. People were moving about, trading goods, news, and friendly talk.

            Three days later, on August 26, all of these sounds had fallen silent, and the place itself had vanished. Almost nothing was seen of Pompeii for more than 1500 years. (Click here for a timeline of events in Pompeii) Now, more than 1900 years later, we are learning more and more about the last days of Pompeii.

            What happened to Pompeii preserved a treasury of information about life in the ancient Roman Empire. You can begin your exploration of the mystery of Pompeii and the life of people in the Roman Empire by clicking on enter below. Once you see the map, you can choose any place to start, but Vesuvius might make the best beginning!

            An ancient portrait uncovered underneath the ruins of the city.  This may appear to be of a 10-year lifespan, but actually it was painted more than a thousand years ago.