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Philippines at a Glance
             Stretching 1,839 kms, north-to-south off the southeast coast of Asia, the Republic of the Philippines has a total land area of 300,000 sq. kms. Its 7,107 islands comprise one of the largest groups in the world.

             The Philippines is the world's third largest English-speaking country. Pilipino is the national language; English is used for commercial and legal transactions. Literacy rate is a high 94%.

             Filipino food may puzzle the first-time eater, Phil. history is largely responsible for this complex cuisine: on a matrix of native dishes akin to those in the rest of Southeast Asia, Chinese traders input their culinary culture, Spanish colonizers added touches of Castillan and Mexican cooking and U.S. colonization brought in convenience and fast-food meals.

Check out these great views:

             Metro Manila is considered a pleasure-seeker's paradise, with an array of nighttime activities, from the soothing to the sinful.  One can listen to whatever music he desires, from bands and singers, taking advantage of "happy hour" drink promos at bars and clubs.

             Hotspots not be missed are the SM and Ayala Malls, all over the archipelago, together with the Rockwell Center and Glorietta in Makati.  These malls carry international designer brands with prices comparable to those in Hong Kong or Singapore.