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ESCAPADES > New York City

            You are looking for great city, a moving place, absorbing, so go to New York. This city called "Big apple" has everything we expect from a perfect city : a various architecture, with typical suburbs, trendy bars and restaurants, with very friendly people (very cool), many sightseeing places, nightlife, etc...that's true that it's expensive but it's worth visiting ? 


Empire State Building
            Built in 1931, the Empire State Building in New York City, New York, stands 381 m (1250 ft) high. A model of the building was used in the 1933 version of the motion picture King Kong, in the sequence in which the giant ape clings to its upper stories while fighting off squadrons of fighter planes.

            A foot race up its 86 flights of stairs takes place annually.  Because of its elegant stepped design it is often still regarded as the ultimate American skyscraper.

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