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Commute in a copter

           Looking for a way to make a quick getaway or beat rush-hour traffic? Build your own helicopter. We'll show you a real-life helicopter kit that requires no special tools and can be assembled in your garage. Sumi Das got in the cockpit of this sophisticated yet surprisingly affordable personal helicopter.  While the skyline hasn't yet become the interstate highway of the future, birds like the Exec 162F helicopter may help pave the way.


Polar S610 Heart Rate Monitor

           If you want to go beyond basic heart rate monitoring and truly optimize your regimen, then Polar may have the right tool. Polar is the biggest manufacturer of heart rate monitors for athletes and for those who just want to achieve their fitness goals. We tested the Polar S610 heart rate monitor (see it up close), part of Polar's S-series of devices for "serious athletes." It's made not only for runners, but for bikers as well. 

           This heart rate monitor system works like FitSense's, except that it does much, much more than just basic heart monitoring. In addition to providing information on heart rates and keeping you within ranges that you specify when exercising, the S610 is also the first device to calculate such esoteric values as V02 Max and nutrition expenditure. Athletes use V02 Max to determine how efficiently their bodies use and deliver oxygen to the muscles. Traditionally, this is calculated using an elaborate respirator and HRM setup. Polar promises an easier way of measuring this and other factors on the way to improving performance.

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