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ESCAPADES > Camiguin Island


            Camiguin is a volcanic island with no less than five volcanoes, one of which is Mount Hibok-Hibok (1,250 meters) with a surface area of 294 square kilometers. Its towering mountainous silhouette, often obscured by clouds, emerges from the midst of the Mindanao Sea fringed with charcoal-gray beaches.

            The island - with the exception of a few pockets of forest notably around Mount Hibok-Hibok - is covered with palm tress that rustle wildly in the winds that frequently blow at certain periods of the year. Island of volcanoes and waterfalls, Camiguin is also an island of la dolce vita where daily life unfolds at a leisurely pace, where the inhabitants are friendly and the alleys and lanes are lined with flowering bougainvillea, and orchid gardens adorn the front of little wooden houses. You will meet very few tourists, as it is not very simple to reach. In fact, you need six hours to come here since the fast ferry, which used to directly link the island to Cagayan de Oro broke down in November 1999. 

            You can tour the island in a day by hiring a jeepney or a motor bike. The 64-kilometer road is in good condition. The side roads, on the other hand, are transformed into quagmires as soon as the first rain falls.  Also, choose from a variety of sweet tropical fruits at an affordable price, lanzones, banana and more.  Dance with the cool rhythm of Mindanao ethnic music, with the sound of gongs, banduria (guitar) and kettle drums.  Feel the spirit, as you take a tour around  the whole island, experience the beauty of Mother Nature.

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